Holy crap that was a long weekend.

My dad was in town, but got in Thursday night and crashed on our couch. We dumped our futon when the 2nd bedroom got converted to a trainer/treadmill room so there was literally nowhere for him to be but he was still here from Thursday night through this morning. And it was business as usual Friday, the wife and I still went to work and I rode while he went to the Field. Saturday we went to MSI, yesterday we took a walk to buy some rye and stopped for a few afternoon drinks while the wife worked out. And he got up at 5:30 this morning to head to the train. Not too crazy but enjoyable, at least at parts. So if you heard a crazy-looking older man talking insanely loud in a museum, pizza place, liquor store, microbrew, or just out walking a dog, I'm sorry if you were offended or annoyed. Especially if he was talking about gun control or conceal/carry laws.

But Christ almighty it feels like Friday was a week ago. We slept with the door closed to keep the dog from bothering my dad but she'd still get up every hour to see if she could go out to get pets from him. By the time I was putting my crap together for today I felt so out of it you would think I had taken a 10 day vacation, not a two day weekend.

So it's huge cup of coffee time again. Last week flew by b/c I didn't want the weekend to be here, now I have to convince myself this week can do the same. I have new whiskey to drink this week too, so I have that going for me.

Current beer-scale: 3.3

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