New whiskey time

This past Saturday night I tried a new whiskey, Redemption Rye whiskey. Let's just say that I drank a little more than usual with my dad couch crashing, and this stood out as one of the better drinks of the long weekend.

It stood out enough to pick up a bottle the next day. In fact, it stood out enough to walk down Clybourn to the nearest Binnys and pick up two bottles, one for me and one for dad to take back to MI where he and some work buddies have been building a whiskey collection for a while. It was a good excuse to get out for a while, plus the walk afforded us to drink more once he found out Goose Island had some beers worth trying.

I left the rye closed all of two days and opened it tonite. I was already a few drinks in when I tried it on Saturday and that probably colored my impressions slightly, but it stood up pretty well on its own too. At $27 its not in the same class as Templetons but definitely a big step up from the Beam I pick up so I don't drink the good stuff too quickly.

One thing that did make me laugh was the whiskey scent that escaped as soon as the plastic seal came off the metal cap. No fancy cork for this whiskey. The scent was pleasant but convinced me to put the entire bottle in a decanter that hasn't seen much use lately.

With a couple of ice cubes my drink tonite didn't quite live up to my first impressions from Saturday but there's a lot of potential. Hell, by the time Saturday night was done I was loving the Beam rye straight so I think just about anything would have gone down smooth. But there's a warmth in the initial sip that stays with you even as the ice starts to thin things out. The rye's spiciness does a lot to compensate for the overall sweetness of the whiskey that's actually only aged two years.

I stopped after one but it's only Tuesday so there's plenty of time left for an old fashioned or two in the next few days. Anything that helps you get to the weekend can only help. All in all a good purchase that might be my go-to spirit to have on hand from now on.

Current beer-scale: 7.0

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