So I made it all of one day before I found myself flying a middle finger. It's second nature at this point, which is why I should try and give it up or at least tone it down a bit.

What's shocking is that I didn't give it to the bike snob that snuck back up behind me after I passed him this morning. I'm pedaling along at a regular pace, passing the guy with as friendly an "on your left" as I can manage in the scattered snow. And I don't think anything of it until he catches up to me as I'm starting back up at light that had just changed to tell me he thought my back tire was low. At least he thought it was, but upon seeing it up close (again thank you, b/c I passed you once already) it seems to be fine.

Great, my tire's ride-able, I'm pretty sure I knew that since I check the pressure before I leave in the morning. But he can't help but ask if I'm riding a carbon belt drive. Nope, I say, just a regular junker. Oh, he says, it must be all the rust making it look like one solid piece. That made me laugh, as again I passed him and went on my merry way.

That's why I don't start conversations when I'm riding.

Current beer-scale: 6.5

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