in for a dime

in for a dollar.

Man did I need my huge cup of coffee this morning. After sleeping like crap and slogging through the neighborhood I was looking forward to actually feeling warm.

With Fat Tuesday in the rearview I was debating whether I should give anything up for Lent this year. The charm of withholding something from myself that I immensely enjoy wore off some years ago but it never hurts to try and be a better person for a while. More than going without, I've tried to change behaviors I'm not particularly proud of in the past.

This was more fun in college, to see if I could go 40 days without beer or soda or anything else I enjoyed on a regular basis. But this year is going to be difficult. I've decided to try and curb my use of my middle fingers while out on the bike or walking the dog. Talk about something I do on a regular basis. It seems like I can't commute to work or take the dog out without some asshat rolling through a stop sign, texting through an intersection, or just plain being a douche. I usually feel completely justified in my judicious use of a middle finger salute, but it never accomplishes anything. People will be jerks whether or not some other idiot is flipping them off. So for the next 40 days, and possibly even longer, I'm going to try and slow my roll a little and be cool.

I wouldn't bet money on my not giving anyone the finger until Easter, but I'll do my best. I made it through this morning at least.

Current beer-scale: 4.9

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