The shift is starting

Or rather, the shit.

Got honked at this morning for standing at a stop light at a red light. Apparently I was in the way of someone who wanted to turn right and needed me to move. Should I ignore the no turn on red signs and step out of my dedicated bike lane area, just to let some dick in a car turn? I didn't think so. He got a shrug and had to wait another 15 seconds. After which he gunned it through the light. Color me impressed guy, you sure can stomp on a gas pedal with the best of them.

As ready as I am for nicer weather I have come to enjoy the quiet of being one of the few bikes on the road lately. But my commute's going to get a lot longer in the near future, and I'll gladly put up with more people in bike lanes with me to get the sun out longer.

Current beer-scale: 8.1

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