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You would have thought that a two day work week wouldn't leave me restless but it sure as hell did by yesterday afternoon. I had dug out of my workload by the time the day was over but even now I'm having trouble shutting down the work portions of my brain. There's too much going on in there right now.

So like usual I wanted to take a longer ride last night to clear my head. Too bad conditions weren't really in my favor.

The ice was gone, but it would have almost been better with a layer of ice evening things out.

Things get pretty ridiculous at various points of the path with the lousy shape it's in. I was walking to avoid what I thought was the worst of it, but then I actually saw the worst of it.

This could have been an action shot, as two guys came screaming up and realized what they were about to run over. Probably for the best that they managed to stop and walk as well.

Unfortunately a couple of extra miles didn't realy do the trick. At this point I should just hop back on and tool around the neighborhood b/c I'm already back to thinking about the next week of work. Hopefully catching up on "Justified" will help with that. Then again, some beer would probably help too. You can't drink all day if you don't start in the morning.

Current beer-scale: 6.6

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