Confession time

Growing up really poor had a lot of different impacts on me.  For one, I'm a lot more materialistic than I'd like to be, but that's how not having much seems to have manifested itself in me as I grow older.  Balance that with my inner-Scrooge's penny-pinching ways and it's not always a recipe for success.  But as much as I don't want my kid to grow up feeling like that (jeez, it never fails to hit me, cripes, I'm a father, don't screw it up), one thing I would like to impart on him is getting the most bang for your buck when you're out shopping.

That's a stupidly long-winded way to introduce the idea that one thing I have a hard time ignoring is the appeal of a new watch.  I have a few different ones, each one from a different occasion and they're all in a kind of rotation.  Quiksilver and Invicta show up a lot, and even though it makes me look like a hipster doofus I do occasionally wear the pocket watch my mother-in-law gave me.  Anyway, I added one to the collection this week, much to the dismay of my wife.
Original listing pic. That dude had a tiny wrist.
Ebay is the devil.  If I'm looking for a watch and can find it for less than a third of the amazon price, more than likely I will by it.  And that was the case with this pro diver.
Classic "Goldfinger" shot
Very similar to a rolex submariner, hence the appeal.  Also very similar to the "Bond" watch from Goldfinger.  I'll admit I'm not going to drop $3K on a watch, but if I can get one of similar visual fashion for $50 then I'm all over it.

So when lunch-time Friday rolled around and I was already heading out, I figured I might as well stop by the Fossil in water tower to see if I could find a replacement band.  I know watch purists might say it needs to be the black-red-green of the movie to be a real Bond watch, but I was happy to find a plain black and grey option instead.  Popped the old band off, slid the new band on, and presto, instant new addition to the rotation.
done on a budget
Honestly, this might be the end of the collection for a while.  And the wife would be thrilled with that.  But this one's automatic so it won't need a battery, the band will work both at the office and on the weekends, and it's easy to replace if needed.  Win-win-win, even if it isn't an exact match to 007's.

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