Might as well just switch to posting dog beach updates.

Yesterday was all about vaccination.  The baby hit 6 months and I had the day off to take him to his pediatrician's appointment.  So the dog got a beach trip before heading to the vet to get her shots too.

Unfortunately, even though I'd had the off day on the office calendar since the baby's two month appointment in June, a co-worker set a board meeting for last night from 6-8 PM.  With the Bears on MNF.  Good fucking times.  All I will say is thank god for the watch ESPN app and my ipad.

So the baby got to visit the office after his appointment while we waited for the wife to come by and take him home.  And I got to watch a football game while I was trapped at work.  I think that counts as enough of a day's work that I can save the vacation day too.

Current beer-scale: 8.2

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