Right back at'cha chief


That was a brutal ride home.  Started with getting cursed at by some old fart in a BMW for taking up his road space on State street, ended with nearly getting clipped by some chunky soccer mom pulling away from the curb without looking two blocks before home.  Good times.

At least I was able to track down a random UPS guy who was able to confirm the truck with the package that couldn't be delivered earlier today was just down the street and would give me five minutes to run over and sign for it. 

And it was totally worth it, b/c the package was a pair of levis for the baby. 

How cute are they?!  So glad I could actually get them since our buzzer is broken and who knows when that'll get fixed.  But that, coupled with a smiley baby and some picture day proofs, was more than enough to make a bad commute fade away. 

Current beer-scale: 8.4

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