Faced with a choice between the bus or the bike, the bike is going to win. And it did today, when I had to drop off some grant proposals at Chicago & Ashland. I was debating the bus or the bike, and once the bike won it was going in the middle of the day vs. going at the end.

Going at the end of the day had obvious positives: I could leave earlier, take a new route home, both things I enjoy doing. But I'm already leaving early today after last night, and the new route home was basically Chicago's hipster silk route--Milwaukee to Chicago up to Lincoln Square. No thank you. So instead of eating lunch I hit the road.All in all it went well. Locking up on a tree is never my favorite but pickings were pretty slim.
When I was unemployed, there were a few interviews that I couldn't figure out how best to get to and ended up walking a ways. One such interview had me walking down lake all the way past the dan ryan. Going over the dan ryan today made me glad I rode instead of walked, but also made it feel like I was pretty far away.There was also a river crossing with a grated bridge. I toughed it out on the way out, but after sliding all over the place the first time said screw that on the way in. I walked, b/c why the hell not.Good times. Now to just make it through the next few hours, then enjoy a trip to Soldier Field for Bears' family night and a few Labatts. Thank god we have football this year.

Current beer-scale: 8.2

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