"night" ride

An evening training meant a twilight ride home tonite, but I found myself actually wishing it was a little darker even. That feeling pretty much evaporated by the time I turned onto Wilson, but on the path it felt too light.

I wasn't about to stop and take pictures in the middle of the ride so the view from the steps to the underpass will have to do. But it was a strange inverse to be riding around 8 PM; the streets downtown felt strangely easy to navigate, and the path was a crush of humanity. Volleyball games fuck everything up.
But it was a good way to end a long day, despite the chances for Friday to be even longer. I have to make a run to Chicago & Ashland in the middle of the day, and I think I might be breaking out the bike to get it done. Hopefully it's worth the effort.

Current beer-scale: 2.1

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