Ah Monday.

Spending the day like this is why Monday is so difficult.

I was trying to make my usual Monday adjustments this morning with a modicum of success. Got up a few minutes early to let the dog in the backyard as I tried to water the grass seeds we put down over the weekend. Took her on a real walk and despite not being able to breathe at points as my allergies went haywire I was feeling like I could approach this week with an open mind.

Then the wife calls to give me a heads up on avoiding some douchebag with a blonde ponytail out with a shepard off a leash. The dog actually bit her as she walked by and the guy couldn't do anything about it B/C IT WAS OFF ITS FUCKING LEASH! She was calling to warn me to stay on the other side of the street if I saw him while I was walking the dog, but all hearing her story made me want to do was actively search out the guy and give him a piece of my mind. Other than getting chomped fairly hard it sounded like she was okay but that's not cool. Didn't break the skin, didn't put any holes in work clothes, but still all I wanted to do was find that guy and put a hurt on him. Not a happy way to start a work week.

Things are closing in on normal again this morning after a long ride and getting some coffee brewing in the office. I'm wary of this week, with the car's 'check engine' light back on and a slew of late meetings messing up the schedule. I'm just going to cross my fingers and hope Friday gets here soon.

At least Miami didn't win last night.

Current beer-scale: 8.1

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