At least I have a job to bike to this year.

It's been wet out this week so the phone/camera have stayed in the bag for the most part, but there have been some pleasantly interesting commutes. I stayed late last night and rode home with the path practically to myself in a light rain. Earlier in the week I saw lighting strikes in the middle of the pouring rain, which always makes me laugh for whatever reason. I guess I associate the idea of getting hit by lightning with "The Great Outdoors" enough to think it's hilarious. And this morning I passed one of the commuter pit stops.

Picked up a bottle at the Fullerton pit stop, which caught me by surprise b/c I expected it to be at North Ave. Not to look down my nose at freebies, but this would have come in a little more handy last week when it was 90+ degrees. Plus, I was starving this morning and hoping there was at least a cliff bar in there, but it was only paper.

At least there would be cookies left over from last night's open house that I had to stay late for right? Nope. Now that's a disappointment.

Current beer-scale: 5.5

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