Meeting the neighbors

So it's been an adventure over the past few days meeting our new neighbors. Some are nice; the older couple with the balcony next to ours loved the dog as soon as they saw her, they're very talkative but seem like genuinely nice people. Some are a bit odd; we had to contact the association board's treasurer to pick up outer door keys b/c they were being replace. She added us to the building's email list but immediately resigned due to the job taking up too much of her time, but only after making some cryptic comments to us about the previous residents in our unit taking advantage of her. And some are douchey; like the guy in the mid-90's shark-skin suit who wouldn't let us in the front door until we demonstrated we also had keys, but then couldn't help but mention our place "needs a lot of work" he bets.

Nice. It's been interesting moving into a short sale. Even though there was lots of cleaning and general straightening up that needed to be done, things are in pretty decent shape. Better shape than I expected in my more paranoid moments. We've done some of the elbow work and things are rounding into shape. But the way people are looking at us with one eyebrow raised makes me wonder just how exactly the sellers left the building. The treasurer certainly didn't hold them in the highest regard, and when the building douche is your number one advocate that doesn't strike me as a stirring recommendation of your character.

Regardless of all that, it was a good night last night when I finally got home. A brutal headwind had me doubled over the bars for most of the path, and wearing clothes still wet from the morning rain had me running straight to the luxuriously warm shower (with a rain faucet!) as soon as I was inside. So we didn't do much of the fixture buying and setting up we had planned last night, but we got the dog her food and picked up more beer. That's a win in my book.

Let's see how I feel after a weekend trip to Ikea vs a Thursday night trip.

Current beer-scale: 7.7

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