Grown up time

I wasn't out buying marshmallow shooters, but the wife and I did meet with our mortgage guy yesterday and things seem to be lining up pretty well for us. The bank approved the short sale contract, and unless the sellers are total douchebags about it we should be closing on May 27th. Which makes me think they'll be total douches about it but we'll see.

So it's time to get final approval, time to pack, time to kiss our shithole apartment goodbye. Time to get ready for a longer commute too, in both good and bad weather. So let's keep our fingers crossed that the sun stays out this spring.

We also found out that the in-laws bought us Bike The Drive spaces with them this year, so Memorial Day is shaping up to be a busy weekend. 15 miles was rough on Friday, I better get to it so I can handle 30 in a few weeks. Ah spring.

Current beer-scale: 7.7

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