Staying late for steak

I'm staying late tonite at work for a dinner, but I got to pick the menu so my fingers are crossed that the steak is halfway decent and the bar doesn't get too crowded. The potential alcohol is going a long way towards keeping me mellow about staying for a couple of extra hours tonite.

Like any other night I stay late I used this as an excuse to come in late and take an extended commute on the bike. The dog thought it was a good plan.

Since the sun was out I headed south like usual and ended up by Museum Campus just in front of Soldier Field. Good times.

Unfortunately I realized this morning I still have a shit-ton of work to do, both for dinner tonite still and getting paperwork together for our mortage guy, so eventually I headed into the office much earlier than I probably should have considering how late I'm staying. And now I'm wasting time online. Why wouldn't I be?

Current beer-scale: 8.6

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