Lunch bell

Despite making the effort to fill many of my unemployed days with attempting a few day-killer recipes in the kitchen, I would not describe myself as a "foodie." I've come to enjoy food more as an adult now that I realize every steak doesn't have to be charred into oblivion like everyone in my family seems to prefer, that pizzas can be topped with more than just cheese, and that sometimes the dirtier the thai place, the better the satay. But my palate is far from refined, and other than the occasional whiskey, it's rare that I find myself desiring to share my impressions of a certain dish or meal.

But my boss just heard about rick-rolling this morning on NPR and has spent the morning researching various memes, so I don't feel pressed into doing anything more than the bare minimum of work today, so here's a little bit on the new frozen pizza I just tried.

Speaking of pizzas with different toppings, Hawaiian pizza is one of my guiltiest food pleasures in life. It's touristy and in no way representative of Hawaii, but damn is it tasty. The wife hates it, so it's pretty rare that I find myself enjoying one. Occasionally if we find ourselves looking beyond Pequods one of our options is Pizza Capri, which has an outstanding tropical pizza that I highly recommend. One great thing about living where I live is that if you're so inclined, pizza is one item you can absolutely become an expert on. That does make it difficult for something out of the microwave to seem edible however.

Looks promising doesn't it?

In reality, things look a little more dubious but the aroma is enticing. I had high hopes for lunch today and I wasn't let down too much.

Hard to believe, but the microwaved frozen ham stood up well and gave the thin crust a little more oomph. The pineapple came out strong as well, if a little too watery at times. I didn't realize the cheese was low-fat until I took the picture of the box, but I didn't think any taste was sacrificed and honestly, if I'm eating an entire pizza for lunch going with a few lower-fat options is probably a good idea.

Calling this pizza thin might be going a tad easy on it. It was thicker than most wood-burning pizzas are, but didn't really crisp up as much as it needed to. Combine that with a sauce that was lacking as well, and the foundations of this pizza needed some help. Thankfully the above ingredients were up for it.

All in all, for a pizza I stocked up with on a whim, I'll happily eat a couple more of these for lunch. Now if I can just get through the rest of the afternoon without getting rick-rolled.

Current beer-scale: 8.7 & about to polish off a whole mess of Coronas when I get home.

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