fleeting success

Longer lasting failure.

Got to my bike after a long afternoon, had a flat. My luck has been pretty good for a while so I was due, but it still sucked.

I was pissed for a second, then realized I had everything I needed to take care of it. Spare tube, levers, pump, adapter. Like a boss. I was late, but I could still ride home.

All the tools and materials necessary to do a job.

I set everything out and got to work. Ten minutes later, the spare was in and the tire was ready to go back on the bike. I felt great.

For about a block. The spare I had was a patch job and the tire was bubbling by the time I had turned the corner onto Pearson. Wonderful.

So it was time to walk home again, this time with a stop at running away to pick up some tubes. The one remaining rubino I still had on over a new tube and hopefully I can ride tomorrow.

I had been looking for a new pair of tires to put on but hadn't wanted to spend the money right now. As always though, the bike seemed to have other ideas. I'd say next time I'll just buy the damn tires but I won't. It's not like this has happened enough times for me to learn anything yet.

Current beer-scale: 5.9

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