And the pilot is called "the good bike" for a reason. Yes I feel like I'm sitting straight up in a chair for the first few days due to the completely different geometry. Yes it's a little awkward getting used to not having toe clips if I'm not wearing cleats, and yes I get a little nervous about locking it up outside and take a few extra minutes to get to the indoor parking building.

But christ almighty is that bike fun to ride. Passed the doofus who snuck infront of me while I was stopped at a red and didn't hear from him again. Downshifted as I turned onto State and caught every light from Division to Oak. It might not be as much exercise as riding a crappy bike, and it might make me a little more cautious in some situations riding carbon vs steel or aluminum, but it is definitely the right bike for the right situation. Good times.

Current beer-scale: 3.5

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