So that commute sucked.

That's me walking frankenbike home down Fullerton last night. Almost fell off the bike as soon as I pushed off the curb leaving work when the free wheel spun free. Got a dirty look from the douche who almost ran into me from behind when I slowed down to not run over an old man and his dog crossing the path (did the guy not know what I meant by "watch out for the dog?"). Finally ended up walking the last few blocks when the free wheel seemed to completely crap out. Woof.

Even better, I got to spend most of that walk getting shadowed by the preaching van going "Blues Brothers" on me. Well, not just me, thankfully, but I listened to about all I could stand. At least the walk gave me time to call dutch bike and schedule a tune up for many, many weeks from now. The worst part is if you can't read them, some of the preacher's posterboards actually made sense. All in all the perfect capper to a crappy afternoon.

So the good bike is coming out tomorrow and staying out for a while. Whatevs. At least I'll be able to catch up to the next lycra freak who runs over a dog.

Current beer-scale: 8.6

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