close call

After all day on the bike yesterday, I was looking forward to a normal day and taking it easy on the way in this AM. Which worked out, b/c if I had been in a bigger hurry I probably would have been doored out onto Lincoln.

When I got up to the light at Fullerton, Lincoln, & Halsted, Fullerton had a red but Lincoln had just gone green so I turned with the foot traffic onto Lincoln. As I'm turning this lady in traffic whips over to the side about two feet off the curb. With a line of traffic backed up on Lincoln there's no way I can squeeze through if she opens her door which I know she's going to do so I slow down. Better yet, after she throws her door open she tells me to slow down when I give her an 'on your left' as I'm trying to get by. Thank you very much ma'am. I'm glad my face didn't put your door in danger.

Getting doored would have been a good sign that I should have taken today off beyond even how tired my legs are from yesterday. Walking the dog was rough this morning, but as long as I was headed into work it was going to be on a bike. All part of the job I guess.

Current beer-scale: 4.1

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