wet wet wet

To avoid any headaches dealing with traffic in the rain this morning I decided to keep things simple and take the lakefront path. Other than the usual nonsense with the Fullerton LSD entrance I was feeling pretty smart until I made it to the Chicago underpass. There was city van in-front of the entrance and a guy in waders heading up the steps telling me the tunnel was flooded.


He said I could slog through if I wanted to, but the water went past his ankles when he stepped in and as wet as I already was, the idea of soaking my shoes didn't appeal to me. So my ride got extended a little as I went down to Grand and took the tunnel over to McClurg. I cut through Northwestern to get back to Chicago and finished up just a few minutes behind schedule. Not too bad. Now I have coffee, and I'm happy playing out the string until I can go home this afternoon. Hopefully my shoes are dry by then.

Current beer-scale: 6.6

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