Holy crap

It's back to winter lately, with snow overnight that was thankfully not still on the roads when it was time to head into work this morning. With the sun out I could at least pretend it was late-March instead of early January. Too bad I had to pull the tights back on this morning. But I haven't completely shaved my beard yet for a reason, and March in Chicago was exactly that reason.

In the meantime, we're trying to complete a short sale as buyers and the sellers are driving us insane. Waiting for the bank to approve the contract is one thing--the sellers still trying to add conditions and wedging in a clause that would still give them possession after closing was something else. Something enough to have us ready to terminate the deal. But it seems like their reps talked some sense into them and the deal is still on. Until the next crazy thing happens.

On one side I understand why they might be tempted to make things a little more difficult; it must suck to realize you can't afford the place you've got a mortgage on and have to let it go or get foreclosed on. A sale might be hard under normal circumstances, but a short sale ramps up the pressure by leaving dates completely up to the bank while you're scrambling to figure out what's going to happen next.

The good news for us is that our lease isn't up until July. We can sit back and wait, but if any more crazy comes from these people we're going to start to wonder just what kind of shape the place is going to be in once the deal finally closes. I would imagine the frustration at having to lose money on a place would make it awfully tempted to put a few boot prints through the wall. Hell, when this latest crap happened I was so mad I was ready to walk away completely, which made me even madder b/c I love the place and desperately want to move there. Which is why we got involved in this insane process in the first place.

Deep breaths. Whenever it happens, it happens. In the meantime I've got beer at home and plenty of whiskey to back it up. Good times.

Current beer-scale: 7.8

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