Man did I get absolutely dropped today. It was funny, but there are times when I wish I could shift on Frankenbike.

Someone came up behind me on Lincoln this morning, passed me by running a red but stayed within striking distance. As soon as I had the green I stomped on the pedals to catch up. Managed to pass the guy, which he didn't seem to take too kindly but I threw him a grin so I think he got that I was just messing around. He shifted to catch up but I managed to hold him off, until he shifted twice more and pulled away. A fun couple of blocks but it took more out of it than I thought it wold.

I needed something to pick me up this morning though. It's crappy, cloudy, damp, and if I had my way I'd still be home with the dog versus down at the office. Shit's gotta get done though, and sometimes I'm the only one with a shovel.

Current beer-scale: 6.3

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