So I heard the terrifying sound of someone's plastic bumper collapsing as it crunched into another car on the way home yesterday. I didn't quite see the actual collision but could definitely tell bad news was about to happen as I rode up behind the cars in question.

I left a little late last night and traffic was pretty cramped so I was taking it easy. Webster in particular seemed especially backed up but I was almost to Clybourn when I saw someone stuck in line at the light who couldn't decide between the straight/right lane or the left-turn lane. They were more out of my way than most cars are at that intersection so I didn't care, but there was a lady in a minivan who was in a bit of a hurry next to me. She punched it to zoom around the guy just as he decided he wanted to get into the left turn lane and went to pull over.


At that point I heard it more than saw, but wasn't surprised it happened. Since I didn't really see anything I didn't feel bad when I didn't stop and just headed home. I don't know if the lady that got hit stopped to trade info, and I don't really care. They were both varying levels of idiots, and I was freezing my ass off and needed to get home. Besides, I was just lucky they both didn't want to turn right instead in front of me.

Current beer-scale: 6.66

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