Wow. Just, wow.

Last week wasn't an easy one. Had a few drinks when I got home Friday night, had a few more after a long day in the suburbs on Saturday. Sunday was a fun day of football all day, followed by cracking open the Templeton's to get ready for Monday.

Holy Moses was that the finest drink I've ever had.

Buttery, spicy, warm, with a pleasant burn that kicks in after a long couple of seconds, if I hadn't already set the alarm for this morning I think I would have ended up drinking half the bottle in one sitting. It was a lot mellower than expected for something Prohibition-based, but I can see why they call it "the good stuff." I'm going to make sure I finish all the other whiskey in the house before I get to the rest of the Templeton's, and I might have to make another run to the liquor store that had a few left on the shelves to see if they're still there later this week. Good lord I hope they are.

Current beer-scale: 3.1

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