After the way yesterday started I was tempted to take a shorter ride home to just put it out of its misery. But as I left I realized I didn't want a lousy morning to push me around all day and said screw it, I'm going how I always go. Everything passed without incident, and I proceeded to have an enjoyable evening wherein I ate and drank too much, had heartburn at about 3 AM, and spent today exhausted.

Consequently I absolutely took the short way home after a long day in the office trying to focus enough not to spill coffee all over myself. It's a mile shorter and saved me a couple of minutes, mostly by eliminating one left turn and being easier to time street-light-wise. The snow that started to fall before I left was also a decent motivator, although the stretch on Division was terrifying from State to Clybourn.

So now it's time for beer, and a brief prayer that tonite's meal doesn't leave me reaching for the tums in the middle of the night later.

Current beer-scale: 7.8

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