LIke a pig in slop

Outside of "keep is slow, keep it careful," the pig in slop analogy was about the only thought going through my head this morning. Only I wasn't thinking slop. It made me smile at least.

And it didn't get better on the bigger streets either.

Things were pretty shitty this morning. Fullerton looked alright when I was out walking the dog, but half-an-hour later the snow was coming down pretty hard and the wet but clean street I had seen had turned slushy and slick. I left knowing I wasn't going to be in any kind of rush to get to work but that was kind of ridiculous.

It's rare that I'm relieved to get to the office, but it happened today

Still, better than the train. I might be thinking differently if it doesn't stop snowing by this afternoon though.

Current beer-scale: 7.8

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