chumming the waters

How appropriate, so close to the end of shark week.
It's been a long week so far, with two late meetings to stay through. And since I'm taking an absent day with no vacation to use yet but pre-new job travel plans already lined up, late meetings meant a chance to make up missed hours via showing up at the normal time and gritting through a few full days. Let's just say my caffeine intake has increased lately.

I can't complain about working after being out of job for so long; besides, the meetings themselves were fun and worth having. The fact that I was running one of the meetings vs simply attending, and doing the opening welcome to the second, made things much easier to deal with. But I'm damn tired today, and two nights of riding home at dusk through the neighborhood put me slightly on edge.

Just like the hours closest to dawn and dusk are dangerous for swimmers near sharks, dusk seems to be a dangerous time for cyclists. Breezing through the neighborhood at night seems to be a little easier than during the dinner rush hours. Maybe the darkness just makes it easier to ignore all the dangers that present themselves visibly while there's still some sun out. Something to think about as the days get shorter I guess.

Current beer-scale: 6.8 & climbing as travel plans come nearer.

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