screw the routine

Sometimes I feel like I'm on the far end of something, having made it through an extended unemployment to find a challenging new job where I'm well compensated. Four weeks in and I'm glad it's Friday but would be fine if it wasn't. I just wish my legs weren't so tired at the end of the week.

Having made a big change starting a new job, smaller shake-ups to the routine feel way easier to deal with. So thank goodness for the Air & Water show, a weekend I usually revile but thanks to taking a different route to work this morning I'm a little more "meh" on. It was too hot to speed down the path this morning anyway.

I did enjoy getting another interview call this week. Apparently, Chicago Park District works even slower than universities do since I haven't applied to anything in over a month, and my last park application is probably from about 10 weeks ago. Something I might have been interested in and good at--something I was probably very interested in when I actually applied. Things worked out differently though, and I can't complain. Turning them down wasn't the best part though. Just knowing that the application actually made it through the system was reassuring.

Current beer-scale: 9.8, converted from a remarkably high rye whiskey score.

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