burn, baby burn

I am a disgusting mess of peeling skin and heat rash. Good times.

I've been too sore to move, let alone go outside for a ride, since a 3 hour canoe trip up in Wisconsin for the fourth. So no rides. I was movement free until I had to go out for an interview I had scheduled before the holiday. After I got there early enough to straighten up in the restroom, I painfully removed my jacket to notice the blisters on my shoulders had popped and were leaking through my shirt. Fantastic.

Blisters meant that was probably the absolute worst burn I've ever had. Which also meant I was about as uncomfortable as you could imagine in that interview. Fortunately the popping meant everything receded slightly for the next day's interview. Hopefully by Monday I can lay down without crying.

Current beer-scale: 7.2

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