Again, I need to ride more often

B/c good things happen while you're on a bike.

The last time I took a big ride south, I had wanted to try and ride whatever peninsula was to the east of the McCormick center jutting out into Lake Michigan. I must have missed something though b/c before I knew it I was passing Soldiers Field. No big deal.
A quick look on google maps showed that the area south of the planetarium was in fact where Meigs Field is, complete with some nice big loops to ride. Sounded good, but I quickly forgot about trying to go. Today, as I was moseying south, it sounded like a good idea to try again. And it was. What a fantastic ride. If anyone was reading this, I'd hesitate to share b/c it was just too awesome.
It took some exploring, but eventually some ways into the marina I was able to sneak under the Planetarium and head south by the Charter One Pavilion. I spotted a bike sign by some construction and headed east, which opened up to a gorgeous nature preserve and Northerly Island Park.
Walk your bikes! (seriously, does that ever get enforced?)

The Field itself was perfect; practically deserted and smooth pavement over a wide open area of tall grass and wild flowers. There were a few other bikers out, and one in particular seemed especially annoyed at having to avoid some park district campers at one point. I didn't care. It was so fun to open things up and really get a cadence going I went for a second loop. Just a great ride.
Eventually I headed home, and for the third time after a ride, got a call about an interview. Bike rides are good. Good for the heart, good for the soul. Good for working up a powerful thirst!

Current beer-scale: 8.1 & in the mood to celebrate...

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