I must be out of my mind.

That was my exact thought coming up to the 5700th south block of the lakefront path today.

You know how it is. It's perfect out, and you want to take a short ride. Maybe 12-15 miles. 20 tops. And you weave your way south on the path, slowing down and taking it easy around the big crowds. Suddenly things start to thin out a little. You're already by the aquarium, passing Soldier Field. Before you know it, you're past McCormic place and see the 2500 south marker.
Well, this just feels great.

"25 already? Let's go to 35 and turn around."

"That was fast too. I guess 45 would be alright."

"Shoot, MSI is only 12 blocks away. Might as well make the whole trip."
How did we get this far south?

Things feel so good you can't help but downshift and go a little faster. If there's someone on the hill in front of you, you see how much ground you can make up. The sound of the wheels on the smooth pavement hypnotizes you. And you're 15 miles away from home, wondering how it happened. That ride back was a bit of a bitch but that's not necessarily a bad thing. By the time I was back at Castaways I was way too tired to give a shit about some spandex douchebag flying by despite all the foot traffic.
Please ignore my finger. That's a long way home & I was too lazy to fully stop and take a real picture.

That ride was so great I might actually have to start advocating for a move to the south side. The path is smooth and practically empty; it's gorgeous with all the beaches and parks. A fantastic afternoon. I feel like I might die now, but that's no big deal.

Current beer-scale: 6.8 mmmmmmmmmmm, lager

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