Get back in the kitchen

While it's true that job searching can be a full-time occupation in and of itself, the unemployed often have to find other ways to supplement their activities. I've sometimes found it enjoyable to find those supplemental activities in the kitchen, and today have two new recipes to try.

I've never been a huge fan of ribs, but I think that's partly b/c I've never had them when they've been prepared all day, baking low and slow and then topped off with a few minutes on the grill. More on that later.

I also have a recipe for "San Francisco" cookies, chocolate chip cookies with banana puree and granola. Sounded interesting. Didn't have any granola, but tried them anyway.

Evidently the granola was a key ingredient structurally, b/c I needed some extra flour and sugar to get the dough to the point I could even call it a "scoop" on the baking sheet. They went into the oven closer to "goop," but they smelled good.
I don't know at this point if I have cookies or round, miniature banana bread loaves. Neither of those are bad options, so I'll consider this a success if they taste halfway decent. And now, onto the ribs!

Current beer-scale: 3.9

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