Out of town

A friend's dad passed away over the weekend and I should be getting ready for my trip, or at least looking into booking a hotel and a car for a night in Buffalo. Instead after running some errands on Frankenbike I'm taking a second run at some of the blemishes in the paint job from last fall.That's what happens when you put the frame back in the car too early I guess. But it sanded off easy enough and I still have some spray paint so what the hell. It's just intensive enough to take my mind off things for a while.Of course, when you do things half-assed in an attempt to put off packing for a trip that's going to be really sad, things can go awry. Hence my previously all-black groove stem now appearing in a "stardust" colorway. Oops. Well, when your bike is crap why not just make the whole thing crap. And yeah, that's also the light-holder in the picture. Fuck it, I didn't want to take the entire headset off.
As the clear enamel dries I have in fact had plenty of time to put a bag together, I just haven't bothered. And it's not that I don't want to go--this is to support a good friend and someone I care about. It's what I should do and I have no problem going. Paying for everything when I've been out of work for 6 months might be another issue, but that's just part of dealing with everything. This really isn't the place to ruminate on death and the nature of life either; it's just sobering is all. And I think I'll be looking at this picture to get a smile a lot over the next two days.

Current beer-scale: not high

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