Like pudding, even.

Unemployment has made me soft. I wouldn't say lazy, b/c I've kept busy. But soft for sure.

My license expires next week, and instead of taking the train downtown or riding a bike, I drove to an express station on the 4200 block of Diversy. It was the decision to drive that really drove it home for me. The sun was out, I had nothing but time, but I hopped in the car anyway. Soft.

Of course, the primary pain in the ass whether by car or bike remains the same: other cars. It started quick on this trip.

Seriously, that guy is literally in the middle of the street. Once I wasn't behind him, the closest car to his was on the other side of the street. No one in front, no one behind, just some idiot who decided "I don't have to park, I'll just turn the car off once I come to a stop." Douche.

Even with people like that on the road, I still have my fingers crossed that I have a job to commute to in the near future. If only to have somewhere to be that's as far away from that guy as possible.

Current beer-scale: 6.1

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