Oh yeah, it's practically spring...

The increase in bikes out this morning should have been my first clue. Actually, the sun yesterday should have been first, but nothing really drove spring home until I had to cut my run with the dog short this morning. It seems it's nice enough for people to golf now, and it's hard to keep a crazed dog out of the way so it was time to turn around sooner than usual. Good thing we keep all our found tennis balls in the car.

It's hard to be upset about cutting short a run though. If it really does snow this weekend things will be empty again by Monday. It was pretty great to see the line of golf carts out and see how nice the grass looked in the morning light. I could easily get sucked into pulling the driver out. If I had a job to pay for a bucket of driving range balls.

Oh well. The sun is out, and I should be to.

Current beer-scale: 4.1

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