Warby Parker: the review

Let's not waste more time bitching about how much it can suck to buy glasses.  Contacts aren't ever going to be an option for me and as tempting as it might be to have someone shave parts of my eyeball away with a laser, corrective lenses are my only option right now.

So, Warby Parker.  Ultimately a godsend for someone who, even with decent insurance, doesn't want to drop $500 on a pair of good looking glasses that will last a while.  Also a positive is my personal preference is for chunkier frames, right up WP's alley.

I don't remember what originally brought WP to my attention, I think it was just a random side-ad on a cycling website.  Hipster frames for hipster bikers.  But I was impressed with both the look of several frames, as well as the option to try on five pairs at a time at home for free.  Sign me up.  I've gotten lucky buying glasses online before that looked good virtually and were okay in-person, but if I can see it and handle it beforehand I'm in.

One thing; not every frame is always immediately available for at home.  The frames that first caught my eye seemed to always be out, so I spent a week checking every day to see if I could get them at home.  Once I could, I picked my five pairs (actually four, with that first frame in two colors) and checked out.  Two business days later I had the box at home.
What a great service.  Everything is clearly labeled and the included return label makes the entire process a cinch.  Even the wife was curious to see what the options were in such nice packaging.  Just fantastic.
The one I wanted to see the most, and the one that was out for a while, was the clement in silver.  I thought a brushed silver frame would be different enough to look good without being to garish.  But I also got the cast iron option to compare the frames in different colors.  To round out the five I picked out three more chunky options, the wiloughby, the reynold, and the pierce, all in black.  I could have picked five more options easily, and might end up doing just that when I look for some non-biking sunglasses.

The silver frame did not work on me, and the wife agreed.  The cast iron looked much better, but ultimately it came down to the wiloughby and the pierce.  Funny enough, the pierce almost didn't make the box initially but I ended up liking those the most and made them my choice.  Wearing them felt good--they were heavy and looked alright, and it seemed like they could handle a grabbing or two from a certain mischievous baby.
demo pair
I made the order the evening of 2/5 and they arrived on 2/14.  Not too shabby, and again the packaging was impressive.  They came in a firm case, always a plus if I'm tossing these into a bag.  There was a thank you card too, which is kind of insane b/c I feel like I should be thanking them.  Add to it the fact that WP will donate a pair of glasses to someone in need for every pair purchased, and this is my go-to eyewear site from now on.

I don't think I'll be wearing these all the time until I get my other order so I'm not bouncing between different prescriptions on and off the bike, but I couldn't be happier with my Warby Parker experience.  If you're wondering about buying glasses online, give WP a shot.  You won't be disappointed.

Current beer-scale: 3.5

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