back to it!

Finally, a morning where I didn't feel like I was going to fall on my ass walking the dog.  Good enough to get me on a bike and off the goddam train.  I did nearly eat it on a patch of ice that is apparently refusing to melt despite temperatures close to 40 degrees but whatevs.  Totally worth it.

Unrelated, but I was half asleep after yet another 2 AM wake-up from a certain baby, and the weirdest thought popped into my head.  While I wait for prescription glasses from various vendors, why not see how much it would cost to get two different pairs with tinted lenses to frankenstein into Spider's glasses from Transmet.

Yeah, I've used this before.  That's b/c it's great.
It was one of those strange random-neuron thoughts that for whatever reason has really taken hold in my brain and now I can't stop debating if it would be worth getting two $15 pairs of glasses to destroy.  Do I need glasses like that?  Hell no.  Will that stop me?  Probably not.

Current beer-scale: 7.1

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