The thing about weddings

Yeah, you can't tell but that's how I watched last weekend's game.

And I wouldn't have cared if the NBC sports app wasn't terrible and casinos weren't designed to give you no other option than to gamble by making everything else around you terrible.

Vegas is not my kind of town.  See the drinks on the table?  One whiskey, one whiskey sour, two waters, $27.  Fuck that.  Watching the game on my phone b/c the sports book is on the complete opposite end of the casino than the wedding?  Fuck that.  Bringing my six-month old b/c the rest of the family is coming as well, only we just got him sleeping through the night and now the week after the trip has been a nightmare b/c he refuses to go back to sleeping all night?  I can't quite say "fuck that" but yes, that sucks.

Maybe my perspective is skewed but traveling for a wedding has been something I've rarely enjoyed.  And Vegas was not one of those times.  Add the idea that we're back to poor nights sleep every night since getting back and the longer I'm home the worse this trip becomes.

It's not all bad.  The baby started rolling over this week, and even though it's one more thing to watch for it's cool to see him develop.  And I am definitely continuing my recent whiskey drinking when I get home tonite.

Current beer-scale: 8.2

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