of course

While I wait to hear a response from Trek regarding my busted frame, of course I have chain issues with the tank on the way to work. And of course my wrench apparently did not make it back into my bag after I used it last, which meant a lot of stopping to slop the chain back on and bang the wheel back to a straight position. Good times.

Amidst this crap-tacular ride I had a moment of clarity. I realized how much sharper I felt I had to stay riding down Lincoln versus the path and how much less I enjoyed the commute that way. Spending a morning feeling like the slightest lapse in concentration could result in my getting splattered by someone driving their Range Rover with their phone stuck to their face put me in a lousy mood.

But sooner or later I'm going to get a break for a few weeks, as the wife was slightly dilated at her last doctor's appointment. The baby seems to be getting ready to make his debut, and the thought of that both excites and terrifies me way more than anything I'm encountering during a lousy bike commute.

Current beer-scale: 7.8

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