Off day

The wife has a Dr's appointment this afternoon as she heads into the start of her third trimester so it was the train for me this morning as we're meeting up so I can go with her. Yah responsible parenthood!

It feels like a good time for a break as last night's commute home drove me crazy. It's wasn't too cold or too wet but I left a few minutes late and the assholes were out in full force. The hardest part about leaving late is all I want to do is rush home, but I have to remember to slow down and let any cars driving like dicks make their dick moves while I'm in the cold waiting for them to finish. Last night was particularly abrasive so the train didn't sound too bad today.

Once I was on the train that changed pretty much immediately, but it will be worth it to ride home with the wife tonite. Especially if it's below zero out like they're forecasting. Sounds like the dog is getting a short walk tonite too.

Current beer-scale: 7.7

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