Joys of a successful trip

Back to babies r us today, with a side trip to pick up a bike tree and some paint samples. Out and back inside three hours, in time to put the rack together while the saints committed two quick turnovers against the 49ers. Ouch.

The tree went together pretty easily, even w/o directions. It was more like a diagram of what the finished project would look like. Woo hoo.I love putting things together in the garage when it's cold out, not so much when there's snow to track in. That floor gets slippery as shit, and there's a lot to do in there over the next few weeks. But getting the bikes up, including the trainer, was a good start.The trainer had to go up too b/c the wife wanted to get some sample colors for painting the future nursery. Once we had paint, there wasn't going to be much time before it got tested on a wall so the bike had to move for its own safety. That was surprisingly fun. Which is good, b/c we're not sure about the tan color. Good thing they were just samples I guess.

Current beer-scale: 6.3

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