taking shape

Got my new toe clips just in time for the rear fender to get knocked loose. Back to the garage in 20-degree temps, put a scarf on under my canadian tuxedo for that extra hipster doofus effect. Who knew zip ties would only be partially effective at holding parts on a moving bicycle?

Anyway, the tank is pretty much what it's going to be for now. Some reflective tape might be in the works but that's probably about it. "The tank" might be a lame name but it's appropriate. The thing is a motherfucker to get moving. But the fat tires make the ride pretty comfortable, even if Lincoln feels a lot scarier than I remember sometimes.

I need to think of a better name.

But today is my Friday, and tomorrow it's time to drive 6+ hours through Wisconsin into Michigan to go skiing. Do I ski? Hell no. Do I drink? Hell yes.

Current beer-scale: 7.8

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