Or at least not too bad.

"I should get out and walk downtown more often." I think this every time I go outside on a gorgeous summer day at the office, only to immediately think differently the first time I have to navigate a sea of tourists & shoppers walking 5-abreast.

Today is was the desire to check out the Marilyn Monroe statue going up in Pioneer Plaza. I read about it going up yesterday, with no explanation of why, how long it would be there, or what it was supposed to represent. Just strange enough for me to have to see it in person.

It did not disappoint. I was expecting just the bottom half, but it seems the top half is already on if not ready to display. There were a ton of people out to check it out too, not just tourists but people like me wandering out of their office to have a look. Wild.

I ducked into the Levis store too, to check out their commuter line. I was surprised to see it being advertised in the window as I walked by, and apparently you can already buy the pants. $75? No thanks. I would look at the jacket if it wasn't late, but I didn't care enough to leave me name to hear back.

Great story. Compelling, and rich.

Current beer-scale: 8.8

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