looking back

It's difficult to think coherently when it's 100+ degrees on a bike ride. But once I get inside and have cleaned up a little, I manage to string some brain cells together.

Today is my one year anniversary at the new job, which makes it technically just "the job" I guess. It wasn't even on my radar but as I was getting dressed there was something really familiar about having to stand out of the sun shining through the window*, and when I looked at the calendar everything clicked.

*For the next two months or so, the sun will be so bright as it moves through my office that by the time it hits my desk I have to move or I'll combust. Still better than winter.

So a routine day suddenly has a little more significance as I try to get some stuff done. It took a lot of work to get here but in the end it seems worth it. It's a good job, I like (most of) my coworkers, and that's worth a whiskey tonite.

Current beer-scale: 5.5

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