well done, Einstein bros

Now that's how you get a new customer.

And the price, if you read the receipt: $0.00

When the vacant storefront at the bottom of my office building started putting up Einstein bros signage this spring I admit I was disappointed. They have decent stuff, but the one on Clybourn by our old place was so terribly run and staffed that it turned me off the brand.

Cut to this morning and my walk to the office after a ride in piddling rain. Not in the best of moods, I notice two women with Einstein coffee walk past me. "Strange," I think, "that's not supposed to open for another day. Maybe they're giving away freebies this morning. Nah, I doubt it."

But yes, they were indeed offering a free breakfast to anyone passing by, and I wasn't about to turn that down. So there's my dutch apple bagel w/cream cheese and regular dark roast coffee, both on the house. And I don't even care that the bagel is tearing up the roof of my mouth, b/c it was free.

Totally worth it on Einstein's part. Without that, the next time I came to work late and wanted to pick something up, I would have gone out of my way to avoid Einstein and headed to starbucks instead. Now high on the goodwill a free breakfast has given me, I'm way more likely to stop there every time in the future. Well done indeed Einstein.

Now I just have to decide if one cup of coffee is enough for me today...

Current beer-scale: 3.2

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