familiar growlers & high miles

Stopped by half acre last night before going to dinner and picked up a growler of their new saison brew. It reminded me of something I couldn't quite place, like a tweaked Longboard brew or something similar. Hopefully a drinking half a gallon of it over the weekend will help me place it.

In the meantime I'm going to enjoy a few days off after tomorrow. Riding has been crazy this month. Even with missing the first week of the month with the move I'll still hit 300 miles for June by the end of the day today. Absolutely insane. And the speed of the ride in this morning is making me slightly nauseous without any food, but the multi-vitamins I've stashed in my desk probably aren't helping with that. Buuuuurrrrp.

We'll see how triple digit temps treat bikers tomorrow, although I have the feeling it will only prep me all the better for some of that saison when I get home.

Current beer-scale: 5.5

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