That Manhattan whiskey was something else. It's damn dark, and felt like the most potent rye in the bar thus far. Unfortunately, after two strong drinks to try and place something I couldn't quite put my finger on I was in danger of getting too drunk to be coherent and finishing way too much of the 375 ml bottle than I had planned on.

That's a pretty stubby bottle. But each drink left me with a question mark in my head that I tried to answer with another sip, only to be rebuffed. My palate's not sophisticated enough to parse everything a whiskey has to offer but I was disappointed I couldn't place what was intriguing me so much. There's more left though so hopefully it will come eventually.

Such a short bottle demanded some measured pours. I didn't have my dropper out but I tried to take it easy. Unfortunately after a few slices of pequod's, two daisy cutters, two labatts, and two whiskeys I woke up at 3 AM with a raging case of heartburn. A the perks of aging.

Current beer-scale: 1.2

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