Opening day

So it's April Fools' and the Cubs are opening at home in what is hopefully at least 40-degree weather. I will ignore the seemingly cosmic appropriateness of that whole situation with my north-side optimism while it still lasts. After taking a sick day this week I couldn't quite justify taking today off but I do have Old Style waiting for me at home.

It's rare that I would choose to drink Old Style; hell, I rarely even drink it inside Wrigley. Despite past posts on the subject I prefer to opt for a LaBatt from one of the "Beers of the World" stands, especially if I see the chick from windy city rollers vending. But in this case a buddy of mine from Portland called to ask if I could send him some for today, and I could only fit 4 tall boys into the box I had so I held on to the last two. Honestly I've got my fingers crossed that there's a rain delay and the game is still on when I get home this afternoon so I can have one during actual baseball, but I can wait for a Saturday game if I have to.

Current beer-scale: 7.9

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